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Research on Polyphonic Music Teaching in Composition Technology Theory Course Based on Multiple Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.093


Xiaoguang Jia

Corresponding Author

Xiaoguang Jia


Composition Technology Theory Course is a Very Important Course Group. It is Not Only an Important Basic Course of Music Creation, But Also an Auxiliary Course for in-Depth Study of Other Professional Knowledge of Music. Since Then, Polyphonic Music Teaching in Normal Universities Has Focused on the Study and Teaching of Theoretical Knowledge, But Ignored the Exploration and Application of Teaching Methods and Teaching Rules. with the Expansion of Teaching Scale, the Increase of Teaching Classes, and the Higher Requirements of Music Teaching Teachers in the New Era of Basic Music Reform, It is Imperative to Reform the Music Teaching Reform in Higher Education. Polyphonic Music Teaching is One of the Compulsory Courses in Music Colleges. through Polyphonic Music Teaching, Students Can Develop Multi-Voice Thinking Ability, So That Students Can More Deeply Understand the Connotations and Emotions Expressed in Various Works. This Paper Introduces the Concept of Multiple Intelligence, Analyzes the Value of Multiple Intelligence Theory in Music Teaching, and Further Proposes the Application of Multiple Intelligence Theory in Polyphonic Music Teaching.


Multiple Intelligence; Theory of Composition Techniques; Polyphonic Music Teaching