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Empathy in Children and Adolescents with Antisocial Behavior

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.087


Wei Hou

Corresponding Author

Wei Hou


Empathy Has Been Considered by Researchers to Promote Prosocial Behaviors and to Reduce Aggressive Behaviors Because It is Found That Empathy is Related to Some Forms of Prosocial Behaviors, and It Plays an Important Role in the Development of Antisocial and Aggressive Delinquent Behavior (Eisenberg & Miller, 1987). Thus, It Seems Appropriate to Assume That Interventions and Trainings That Seek to Improve Empathy Would Be Helpful in the Inhibition of individual’s Aggressive and Antisocial Behaviors. the Purpose of This Paper is to Review Specific Approaches in Empathy Training as Well as to Examine the Effectiveness of Intervention Programs Which Aimed to Increase Children and adolescents’ Empathy Awareness in Order to Inhibit Their Aggressive or Antisocial Actions to Others.


Empathy in Children and Adolescents; Empathy Training; Antisocial Behavior