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Research on Competency-Based Education and Professionalization Orientation of Applied Undergraduate Based on Professional Competence

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.086


Wenhui Ding

Corresponding Author

Wenhui Ding


with the Popularization and Diversification of Higher Education, the Quality and Characteristics of University Education Are Paid More Attention by the Government, Universities and Society. Until the Early Nineties of Last Century, It Began to Gradually Introduce the Competency Based Education Model. the Understanding and Research of Higher Vocational Education Can Not Be Limited to the inside of Education. Many Policies and Measures to Speed Up the Development Have Been Introduced, and the Scale of Vocational Education Has Been Expanding in Recent Years. China's Higher Vocational Education Has Become an Important Part of Higher Education. It is an Important Type of Higher Education and a High Level of Vocational Education. It is a Major Practical Problem Facing the Current Construction of Modern Vocational Education System. in Order to Cultivate Students' Sound Personality in Higher Vocational Colleges, It is Necessary to Establish Personality-Based Education Mode. This Paper Takes the Engineering and Technical Undergraduate Talents Trained by Application-Oriented Undergraduate Colleges as the Research Object, and Analyzes the Competency-Based Education of Application-Oriented Undergraduate and Its Professional Orientation..


Professional Competence; Standard Education; Application Type