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Research and Practice on Quality Management of Graduation Design (Thesis) for Visual Communication Design Major

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.085


Yue Ju, Zaosheng Ma

Corresponding Author

Yue Ju


the Changes of Design Field, Design Specialty and Design Education Mode Cause Us to Think about Visual Communication Design Education in the Future. the Function of Graduation Project in the Whole Undergraduate Teaching is Irreplaceable in Other Teaching Links. Aiming At the Problems Existing in the Teaching Process of Graduation Project, This Paper Studies the Whole Process Quality Control of This Link. Focusing on Improving the Quality of Graduation Design, the Article Introduces in Detail the University's Quality Management in the Exploration and Practice of Thesis, Deepening Quality Management Reform, Strengthening Process Quality Monitoring, Conducting Quality Evaluation, and Exchanging Experience Activities. Thesis's Practices and Results in Quality Management. the Idea of Total Quality Management and Control Principle is Introduced into the Whole Process of Graduation Design (Thesis) Teaching Quality Management. after Years of Practice, Obvious Effects Have Been Achieved and Teaching Quality Has Been Spirally and Steadily Improved.


Visual Communication Design; Graduation Design; Quality Assurance