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Research on Experimental Teaching Content System of Electronic Commerce Course Group Based on Ideological and Political Education Model

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.082


Ningning Zheng

Corresponding Author

Ningning Zheng


e-Commerce Specialty is a Comprehensive Applied Subject with Strong Practicality. How to Train e-Commerce Professionals Suitable for the Needs of Social Development is a Complex System Engineering. Influenced by the Transformation of Economic Growth Mode and the Gradual Transformation of Higher Education from Elitism to Popularization, the Employment Situation of College Graduates in China is Not Optimistic. the Ideological and Political Education in Higher Vocational Colleges and the Cultivation of Students'professional Abilities Show Some Consistency and Interoperability in the Purpose, Content and Requirements. We Should Reform and Design the Curriculum System in Terms of Design Ideas, Curriculum Contents, Organizational Forms and Assessment Methods, So as to Realize the Integration, Applicability and Application of Experimental Contents. Taking e-Commerce Major as an Example, Starting from the Goal of Talent Cultivation, This Paper Studies the Construction of a Curriculum System Integrating Entrepreneurship Education and Professional Education, and Looks for a Feasible Path to Implement Innovative Entrepreneurship Education.


E-Commerce; Ideological and Political Education; Course System