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Case Analysis of Teaching Design for Middle School Chemistry Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.080


Xiaohui Yang, Juxiang Yang, Xuemei Wu

Corresponding Author

Xiaohui Yang


Classroom Teaching Design is the Design and Planning of Classroom Teaching, and Classroom Teaching is an Effective Platform for the Common Development of Teachers and Students. a Successful Classroom Teaching Design Can Not Be Underestimated for the Role of Teachers' Teaching. with the Continuous Development of Modern Teaching Technology and the Change of Students' and Teachers' Quality Requirements, the Quality of Teaching Design Has Become More and More Proportional to Teachers' Teaching Quality. It Can Be Said That Teaching Design Ability is an Important Yardstick to Measure a Teacher's Teaching Ability. Taking Case Analysis and Instructional Design as the Starting Point, We Use Specific Cases to Explore the Basic Content and Basic Methods of Chemistry Teaching Design. a Detailed Analysis of the Project is Carried out from the Comparison of the Overall Comparison and the Chapter. through the Above Research Process, It is Expected to Provide Some Reference and Reference for the Professional Development of Teachers from the Perspective of Actual Case Analysis.


Middle School Chemistry; Teaching Design; Case Analysis