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Analysis of Volleyball Teaching Mode Based on Online Teaching Platform

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.077


Yunfei Liu, Juan Hou, Shuangjiang Li

Corresponding Author

Yunfei Liu


as One of the Current Three Major Ball Projects, Volleyball Has Always Been a Key Project in College Physical Education. It Has a Very Positive Role in Improving College Students' Sports Skills and Promoting the Coordinated Development of College Students' Physical and Mental Qualities. Because the Volleyball Teaching and Training in the Field Requirements Are Relatively Low, the Equipment Requirements for Volleyball Training Are Relatively Loose, Not So Strict, So Colleges and Universities for Volleyball Teaching Work is Also Relatively Important. Volleyball Teaching Plays an Important Role in Improving Students' Physical Quality and Training Students' Quality, and Universities Have Been Studying Ways to Emphasize the Improvement of Volleyball Teaching Mode. in the Era of the Internet, One-to-One Personalized Education Based on Online Education Platform Has Developed Rapidly, the Curriculum System Has Been Continuously Improved, and the Classroom Mode Has Become Increasingly Humanized. Online One-to-One Teaching Has Become a New Teaching and Learning Method. on the Basis of Analyzing the Main Disadvantages of the Traditional Teaching Mode of Volleyball in Colleges and Universities, This Paper Analyzes the Volleyball Teaching Mode Based on the Online Teaching Platform, and Probes into the Effective Strategies for Innovating the Volleyball Teaching Mode and Creating the College Physical Education Class.


Online Teaching; Volleyball; Teaching Mode; Analysis