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Research on the Application of Mixed Course Model in College English Follow-Up Courses Based on Students' Needs

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.075


Zhongqi Jia

Corresponding Author

Zhongqi Jia


College English Follow-Up Course is a Part of the Complete System of College English Reform, Which is Responsible for Cultivating Students' Higher Requirement of English Application Ability. Many Colleges and Universities Have Not Paid Enough Attention to the Teaching of Follow-Up Courses of College English. in View of the Teaching Goal of College English Course, the Mixed Teaching Mode of College English Follow-Up Course Based on the Needs of Students is Constructed, the Operation Process is Explained, and the Effect of the Teaching Mode is Verified through the Follow-Up Course Teaching Reform Practice. in the Choice of Course Type, More Emphasis is Placed on the Application of Language and Knowledge Related to Its Profession; Meeting Employment Needs is Their Most Direct Goal in Continuing Their English Study. According to the Results of the Survey, the Article Puts Forward Some Suggestions on the Construction of Follow-Up College English Courses from the Aspects of Strengthening Modular Curriculum, Exploring Mixed Teaching Methods, Scientifically Selecting Curriculum Resources and Strengthening the Construction of Teaching Staff.


Student Needs; College English Follow-Up Course; Mixed Courses