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Cultivation of Experimental Teaching Ability of Chemistry Major Normal Students Based on Core Quality of Subjects

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.073


Quan Han, Yiyan Su, Yingjuan Qu

Corresponding Author

Quan Han


Curriculum Reform Has Shifted from Focusing on Students' Knowledge Structure, Cognitive Style, Learning Process and Curriculum Awareness to Focusing on Students' Core Qualities, Which Will Inevitably Lead to the Exploration of Teachers' Education on Students' Core Professional Qualities. Chemistry Experiment Teaching is One of the Core Parts of Chemistry Teaching for Chemistry Teachers. How to Adapt to the Requirements of Chemistry Teaching under the New Curriculum and to Train High-Quality New Curriculum Teachers is an Urgent Problem for the Training of Chemical Education Majors in Normal Colleges. in View of the Curriculum Reform under the Background of the New Curriculum, This Paper Analyzes the Deficiencies in the Chemical Experiment Ability and Quality of Normal Students, and Puts Forward That the Experimental Teaching of Normal Students Should Pay Attention to the Cultivation of Professional Quality Such as Experimental Teaching Ability While Paying Attention to the Cultivation of Scientific Quality.


Core Literacy; Chemistry Major; Experimental Teaching