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Research on the Cultivation Path of College Students' Innovative and Entrepreneurial Ability Based on “ Internet +”

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.072


Hanmei Di

Corresponding Author

Hanmei Di


as the Internet is More and More Widely Used, We Have Entered the Internet Era. Nowadays, the Interconnection Has Deeply Affected the Current Social Economy. with the Continuous Development of High and New Technologies Such as Big Data, Cloud Computing and the Internet of Things, the “ Internet +” Era Has Become a Growing Emerging Industry. for College Students, the Pressure of Employment Competition is Increasing Day by Day, and College Students' Entrepreneurship Has Become an Important Way of Employment. Therefore, It is Even More Necessary to Pay Close Attention to the Opportunities Brought by the “ Internet +” Era and Look for the Direction of Development. “Internet +” Provides a Broad Platform for the Cultivation of College Students' Innovative Entrepreneurship, Perfects the Entrepreneurial Mode of College Students, and Optimizes the Cultivation Path of College Students' Entrepreneurial Ability. At the Same Time, We Should Strengthen Publicity and Learn Excellent Entrepreneurial Models through the Internet to Improve College Students' Understanding of the Entrepreneurial Process. Establish a Sound Entrepreneurial Mechanism and Study the Environment and Methods of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Establish a Model and Truly Cultivate Innovative Talents.


Internet +”; College Students Entrepreneurship; Cultivation Research