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Design and Implementation of Music Teaching System Based on Streaming Media

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.071


Tu Jian

Corresponding Author

Tu Jian


Streaming Media is a Kind of Streaming Media, It is a Can Make Audio, Video and Other Multimedia Information in the Internet and Intranet in Real Time, without Playing Technology Download Waiting Way. It is the Realization of the Traditional Media Network, and through Online on-Demand Play to Visitors. Teaching Information Management System is the Music School Music Teaching, Educational Management Application Software. All Familiar with the Process of Music Teaching Management Work, Starting from the Actual Music Teaching Work, Solve the Difficult Problem of the Key Work in the Realization of Computer Management in the Whole Process of Music Teaching, Management of Specific Help Liberated from Complicated Work.


Streaming Media; Music Teaching Management; Multimedia Teaching Function; Video