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Research on the Adjustment and Control of Exercise Load in Sport Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.070


Xiong Tian

Corresponding Author

Xiong Tian


the Determination of Exercise Load in Sports Teaching Process Has Great Significance. If the Exercise Load Arrangement is Too Small, Then We Can Not Reach the Purpose of Keeping Fit. If the Exercise Load is Too Large, as a Result, It Will Cause Great Harm to the Body. This Paper Combined with the Exercise Physiology and the Optimal Distribution Control Theory, At the Same Time Took the Mission and Goals of the Physical Education Teaching into Consideration. on These Bases This Paper Made a Thorough Study of the Exercise Load's Adjustment and Control of Sports Teaching.


Physical Education Teaching; Exercise Load; Optimal Distribution Combination; Information Feedback Control; Exercise Physiology; Parameter Optimization