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Research on Teaching System of Sports Demonstration Based on Kinect

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.068


Zhang Jie

Corresponding Author

Zhang Jie


with the Development of Mass Sports and the Information Technology Represented by Computer Technology, the Rapid Progress Has Been Made in the Rapid Progress. At Present, China's National Sports Coaches' Physical Education and Guidance Level is Very Low, Resulting in Many Sports Fans Lack of Professional Guidance Level, and Even Serious Problems Such as Sports Injuries. Therefore, It is Imminent to Develop a Kind of Public Sports Teaching System with Low Cost and High Performance. the Public Sports Teaching System Should Have the Function of Motion Capture, Reconstruction and Analysis. First of All, in the 3d Human Motion Capture, We Use the Latest Microsoft Kinect Depth Information Detection Device to Calculate the Key Data of Human Skeleton and Transform It into Motion Data Level and Skeleton Matching. in the Process of Collecting Depth Information, Kinect Adopts Advanced Optical Coding Technology (Optical Coding). in the Process of Motion Data Generation, the Hierarchical Structure of Human Skeleton Motion Data is Generated, Which Matches the Data of Single Hand Motion, Greatly Reduces the Amount of Data Recording Movement, and on the Other Hand, Facilitates Reconstruction and Analysis of Subsequent Motion. Secondly, the 3d Human Motion of Human Body is Reconstructed by Using the Bone Skin Animation and Personalized Human Body Technology. According to Different Application Needs, Two Human Body Motion Reconstruction Methods Based on Standard Human Model and Motion Reconstruction Method Based on Personalized Human Model Are Designed. These Two Reconstruction Methods Can Be Used to Observe the Action Sequence or the Fixed Position in the Opengl Environment. Finally, Several Alignment Analysis Methods Are Designed in the Comparison and Analysis of 3d Motion, and the Experimental Verification of the Problems in the Motion Data is Carried out. This Part is Mainly to Reduce the Error of the Artificial Alignment, and Gives the Results of the Intelligent Quantitative Evaluation.


Kinect Motion Capture; Motion Contrast Analysis; Motion Demonstration System; Skeletal Skin Animation; System Design