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Design and Implementation of College Music Education Teaching Management System

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.067


Hao Yijie

Corresponding Author

Hao Yijie


the Wide Application of Network Teaching and Multimedia Technology, Has Brought People Content Vivid, Fast and Convenient Information Transmission, So That Resources Show More Rich and Colorful At the Same Time, Also Put Forward Higher Requirements for Music Multimedia Resources Increasing Music Management, the Large Number of Multimedia Resources, Management Has Become a Serious Problem. Therefore, It is Necessary to Develop a Set of Scientific, Digital, Can Improve Work Efficiency and Management Efficiency, to Adapt to the Needs of the Teaching Reform of the Teaching Media Resources Management System. Music Education Teaching Management System to Achieve the Functions of the Allocation of Resources, So That the Music College Resources Optimization, Teachers, Classrooms, Curriculum, Time Allocation and Rational and Efficient Application, Solve the Music Colleges Resources Shortage, Multi-Level Management Department Status Course Arranging the Difficult Problem of Summary Results. Music Education Teaching Management System Allows Students to File Management and Performance Summary Business More Convenient and Clearer Thinking Process Timely Feedback on Student Achievement and Teaching Information, Teaching Management to Ensure Rapid Implementation, Improve Office Efficiency Registry Teachers. on the Basis of the Overall Design of the System, Divide the Function of the Website Successively, and the Sub Function Module; Then the Design and Implementation of Each Module Can Fulfill Its Function in Each Module of the Results Will Be Integrated into a Complete System. Finally, the Operation Status of the Detection System is Presented.


Music Education Teaching Management System; B/s Model; J2ee Framework; Database Technology; Teaching Media Resources