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Study on the Intervention of Static Posture Evaluation in Sports Injury of Social Sports Students - Take the Class 14 and 15 Students Majoring in Social Sports in Business School of Yunnan Normal University as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.061


Zhao Cong

Corresponding Author

Zhao Cong


with the continuous prosperity of our country's economy, the continuous improvement of international status, the continuous development of sports, and the intervention and research of sports injuries, are gradually becoming an important topic of people's research, especially in the field of sports students, the intervention of sports injuries directly affects the training and competition of students, and the evaluation of static posture can better prevent sports injuries Happen. Through the investigation and research, it is found that the sports injuries of the students are basically related to their own static posture. The students who have no injuries but have bad static posture also have the potential risk of injury. Through the methods of literature, questionnaire, mathematical statistics and data analysis, this paper makes an investigation and Research on the 14 and 15 students of social sports major in Business School of Yunnan Normal University. The purpose is to find out the law of injury from the perspective of static posture evaluation, to provide scientific basis for coaches, teachers and students, and to reduce the occurrence of sports injury.


Static Posture; Sports Injury; Posture Evaluation