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On the Basis of Curriculum Standard, Making Full Use of Teaching Parameters, Positioning Teaching Objectives and Difficulties-Take the Concept of “Opposite Number” as an Example

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.058


Zeng Chunyan, Yao Jing

Corresponding Author

Yao Jing


Determining Teaching Goals is the Key Link in Preparing Lessons and is the Core of Teaching Activities. It Determines the Determination and Arrangement of Teaching Content, the Choice and Application of Teaching Methods, and the Level of Teaching Effectiveness. Therefore, It is Especially Important to Master the Method of Determining Teaching Goals. Combining My Many Years of Teaching Method Teaching Experience and the Requirements of Related New Curriculum Standards for the Formulation of Teaching Objectives, Taking the Junior High School Concept Class “Reverse Numbers” as an Example, the Methods for Formulating Teaching Objectives Are Summarized and the Following Methods Are Proposed: Target, Grasp the Teaching Direction; Analyze the Teaching Materials, Determine the Teaching Goals; Dialogue Texts, Discuss the Teaching Goals; Analyze Students, Modify the Teaching Goals. This Provides a Reference for the Majority of Mathematics Teachers and Primary School Mathematics Teachers in Teaching.


Teaching Goals; Teaching Direction; Analyzing Textbooks; Analyzing Students