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Research on the Evaluation System of Teaching Internal Quality Management in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.057


Mu Yarong

Corresponding Author

Mu Yarong


as the Establishment of Market Economy in Our Country and Our Country's Higher Education Scale Increasing Dramatically, Institutions of Higher Learning Education Quality of Teaching Has Become the Focus of the State, Society and Students, Teaching Quality Management System Has Become Important Hot Topic in the Field of Higher Education Researchers and Quality Managers, Many Students of Quality Management and Higher Education by Using the Theory of Total Quality Management (Tqm), Gb/T19000-2000 Standard and Excellent Performance Management Theory and Method of Teaching Quality Management System Has Carried on the Related Research, But the Research and Application Based on Pdca Circulation Principle Has Not Been Formed System Has a Perfect Quality Management System Program and Plan, Improve the Teaching Quality Management System of Poor Maneuverability, This Paper is Based on the Background, on the Basis of Analyzing the Related Research Status At Home and Abroad, Trying to Study in Colleges and Universities Teaching Quality Management System.


Colleges and Universities; Teaching Quality; Evaluation System