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Construction and Application of Foreign Language Wisdom Classroom in Internet + Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.056


Zhu Yanhua

Corresponding Author

Zhu Yanhua


the Internet Era Has Brought Both Opportunities and Challenges to Foreign Language Teaching. This Article is Based on Internet + Era, Building the Foreign Language Classroom Wisdom, Namely Environmental Upgrades Wisdom, Wisdom of Teaching Mode Innovation, Wisdom Study Way Change and the Wisdom of the Optimization of Classroom Teaching Evaluation, and Connecting with the Practical Teaching, Constructing the Three Sections of Eight Link the Wisdom of the Classroom Teaching Mode, the Results Show That the Foreign Language Classroom Wisdom Can Improve the Foreign Language Learners' Initiative and Enthusiasm, Promote the Foreign Language Teaching Mode and the Change in the Way of Learning Foreign Language.


Internet +; Foreign Language; Wisdom Classroom