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Research on the Reform Path of Talent Cultivation Mode of Higher Vocational Education Integration from the Perspective of Supply-side Reform

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.054


Zhi Bao

Corresponding Author

Zhi Bao


with the Development of the Economy, China's Industry Has Been Developing Towards a High Level, More Diversified and Mutual Integration. At the Same Time, the Extensive Application of the Internet and the Increasingly High Level of Information Technology Make China's Economic Development in a Transition Stage, from Relying on the Development of Resources to the Application of Innovative Skills, High-Quality Talents. Many Enterprises Cannot Hire High-Quality Skills Who Can Promote the Development and Progress of Enterprises. However, the Skills Cultivated by Higher Vocational Colleges Do Not Meet the Requirements of Enterprises and Are Challenging to Find Employment. This Also Shows That in the Process of Growing Skills in Higher Vocational Colleges, the Cultivated Talents Do Not Meet the Needs of the Social Market, Which is Very Easy to Lead to the Stagnation of Social Development. Therefore, More Top Vocational Colleges Need to Change Their Talent Training Direction According to the Actual Needs of Chinese Society and Market for Skills, Adapt to the Needs of National Development and the Form of Economic Development, and Finally Grown Skills That Can Adapt to the Current Social Growth.


Supply-side Reform; Higher Vocational Education; Integration of Production and Education; Talent Training Mode