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Research on the Ways of Colleges and Universities Participating in Minority Physical Education

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.052


Yan Ruiqin

Corresponding Author

Yan Ruiqin


Carrying out traditional minority sports teaching in schools can promote the physical development of teenagers, protect and inherit the traditional minority sports culture, and promote the innovative development of primary and secondary schools. This paper adopts the methods of literature review, questionnaire, and action research method, put forward the inheritance and development of traditional minority national sports, education teaching resources of colleges and universities to the full and effective combination of the resources of the primary and middle schools in ethnic minority areas, with the resources of the university as the lead, with a pair of primary and secondary schools, teaching, extracurricular activities and interaction in fusion research, competition guidance, effective guidance of traditional minority national sports curriculum resources development and utilization; Make full use of “national training program” and special training to train teachers with innovative ability; Jointly explore the appropriate evaluation mechanism, gradually form a long-term cooperation mechanism for colleges and universities to participate in primary and secondary school physical education, and expand the dimension of the inheritance of traditional physical education of ethnic minorities in Yunnan province.


Yunnan University; Primary and Secondary Schools; Traditional Minority Sports; Teaching; Inheritance