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Strategies and Reflections on Talent Cultivation of Tertiary Education in Era of Big Data

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.047


Chaomin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Chaomin Zhang


The era of big data has brought new challenges and opportunities to various industries. The education industry is also facing a subversive revolution. The talents that meet the needs of the big data era are no longer single, traditional talents, but able to advancing, comprehensive and comprehensive talents, this undoubtedly puts higher demands on tertiary education. Tertiary education based on big data should provide services for talent cultivation, discovery, use and development. It is necessary to pay special attention to predicting the future talent development trend from the historical data of talent training in tertiary education. This paper analyzes the characteristics and value of the big data era. The challenges faced by tertiary education in the era of big data, this paper discusses the innovative measures to meet the challenges of tertiary education, aiming to provide some reference for the innovation and sustainable development of tertiary education in China.


Big data; Tertiary education; Talent cultivation; Innovation