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The Teaching Exploration of Integrating “Ideological and Political” Elements into Foreign Language Courses of Higher Vocational Colleges-a Case Study of Comprehensive English Course

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.046


Yuan Xiaoxue

Corresponding Author

Yuan Xiaoxue


The concept of “curriculum ideological and political education” has caused a great sensation in colleges and universities all over the country. Colleges and universities take “Shanghai experience” as the pioneer to carry out the transformation from “ideological and political courses” to “curriculum ideological and political education”. Taking Comprehensive English as an example, this paper analyzes the particularity of this course to implement the “ideological and political education” and explores the teaching mode on how to implement “ curriculum ideological and political education”, aiming to better integrate the ideological and political element into the specialized courses, improve the learning atmosphere and the quality of teaching and to combine moral cultivation with teaching, exerting a lifelong silent transforming influence on students’ character.


Curriculum ideological and political education; Comprehensive English; Integrate; Higher vocational college