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Research on Modern Office Information System under Cloud Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.41


Yu Mingyi

Corresponding Author

Yu Mingyi


Cloud computing is the art Internet technology in the current stage, with large scale, resource mobility, virtualization, economy and so on. By applying cloud computing technology in office systems, the function has been significantly improved. Office information system involves the economic, management and other professional contents, which also put forwards higher requirements for computer technology. Office information system needs to coordinate various resources and subject characteristics, and then solves complicated work through the simple and easy-to-use office interface. With the gradual acceleration of social development, office information systems should also be constantly adapted to the current situation of development and solve more office problems. This also poses a greater work challenge for computer technology developers. Modern office information system covers almost all aspects of day-to-day office work, including document processing, online conferences, peer-to-peer instant messaging and so on. In the whole office information system, the main hardware facilities are computers, and the software part is installed in the corresponding office software, people can open the office in any corner of the world electronic. Office information system mainly through computer information technology, daily office documents, images, audio, video and other contents is converted to multimedia data for successful transmission. Therefore, in order to ensure the work efficiency of the office information system, computer developers need to adopt the development standard, and make the system run efficiently under the premise of ensuring the information security so as to achieve the purpose of improving office work efficiency.


Cloud Environment, Modern Office Information, Computer Technology.