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Design and Research of Mixed Teaching of College English Audio-Visual Course

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.036


Xia Li

Corresponding Author

Xia Li


At present, the college English audio-visual course has gradually introduced a mixed teaching mode to carry out teaching activities, and has achieved certain teaching results compared with the traditional classroom teaching effect. The English audio-visual course emphasizes the close connection between the input and output of English knowledge. The mixed teaching mode is perfectly integrated with the English audio-visual course. The teacher plays a leading role, the students give full play to the initiative. For improving students' enthusiasm for English learning and English learning, based on the practice of college English audio-visual classroom teaching, this paper discusses the principles and channels of the selection of teaching materials for audio-visual course according to the teaching objectives of college English; analyzes the importance and construction methods of classroom language environment; lists effective audio-visual exercises the activity focused on the role and implementation skills of the imitation exercise, and provided specific teaching strategies for the audiovisual course to exchange experiences.


College English; Audio-visual course; Mixed teaching