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The Optimization Method of Biochemistry Teaching in Medical Education under the Background of Transforming Medicine

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.035


Haifeng Wang, Dandan Fu

Corresponding Author

Haifeng Wang


In recent years, with the introduction of the concept of translational medicine, more and more experts in basic medicine and basic medicine have recognized it. In this paper, the teaching reform of the course is proposed from three aspects: the teaching method, the teaching content and the experimental teaching content, and the concept of translational medicine is introduced into the teaching of Biochemistry and molecular biology. The infiltration and transformation of medical concepts in the teaching of Biochemistry not only cultivates the thinking mode of students' basic medical research, makes students have a comprehensive and clear understanding of basic research, but also deepens the understanding and understanding of the knowledge learned, and cultivates students' innovation ability.


Translational medicine; Medical education; Biochemistry; Teaching methods