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Real - Time Operation Strategy and Strategy Evaluation of Photovoltaic Charging Station Considering Transmission Loss and Charging Demand

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DOI: 10.25236/wccece.2018.40


Hongyi Chen, Mingyang Zhang, Guangzhao Yang, Weicong Lin, Xinyue Wang

Corresponding Author

Hongyi Chen


Efficient and economical operation strategy of car PV charging station helps to realize the large-scale use of electric vehicles. Based on the consideration of time-of-use electricity price and transmission loss, this paper proposes a new strategy for the operation of photovoltaic vehicle charging stations and analyzes the strategy by fuzzy decision method based on AHP. The evaluation results of the strategy show good results. And the proposed strategy of PV charging station has certain advantages.


Time-of-Use electricity price, Transmission loss, Feasible domain model, Analytic hierarchy process, Fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method.