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Semantic Mining and Application of Comments in Mooc Course Based on Emotional and Co-Word Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.030


Xinxin Wang, Zhengyan Cui, Yong Liu

Corresponding Author

Xinxin Wang


MOOC has developed rapidly in Higher Education in the past few years. Teachers are easier to observe the learning process and the learners’ performance from their comments in MOOC. Taking the learners’ comments in MOOC of Chinese Universities as the research object, this paper calculates the emotional value based on the comments through using the emotional and co-word analysis. Based on the semantic mining of learners' course comments, it provides suggestions in curriculum designing, teaching style choosing, difficulty of homework arrangement, and in order to strengthen teacher-student interaction and improve video production and management.


Mooc; Online reviews; Emotional and co-word analysis