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Exploration of the Difficulties and Countermeasures of Numerical Control Integrated Teaching in Technical Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.018


Ying Nie

Corresponding Author

Ying Nie


Technical Schools are cradles for the country to provide high-end talents with production technology. With the continuous progress of society and the continuous development of production technology, effective changes have been made in teaching methods. The traditional sectional teaching mode and system have been changed, and the tradition has been thoroughly broken. Through the test of time, scientific teaching mode has also achieved certain results. However, there are still some problems and difficulties in the integrated teaching of Numerical Control (NC) specialty in technical schools. How to effectively solve these problems and difficulties has become an important issue for technical schools to study urgently. This article will give a brief analysis of some problems and difficulties in NC integrated teaching in technical schools, and put forward some countermeasures and suggestions to solve them, so as to promote the teaching effect.


Technical schools; Nc integrated teaching; Difficulties and countermeasures; Research