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Application of Mobile Learning Platform Based on Superstar Learning App in Fundamentals of Circuit Analysis Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.017


Zhen Ge

Corresponding Author

Zhen Ge


In view of the fact that the traditional teaching methods of Circuit course can not effectively mobilize students' desire to learn, it can not promote students to learn spontaneously after class, and at the same time can not improve students' practical application ability. This paper proposes blended teaching mode based on Superstar Learning Platform. Take the fundamentals of circuit analysis as an example, blended teaching is carried out based on the superstar learning platform, explore the application and effect of blended teaching mode. Through a semester teaching practice, the new teaching mode can fully enhance the students' passion and motivation to learn the course, greatly improve the students' achievements and quality, at the same time this research has certain reference value for college teaching reform and cultivating students' practical operation and engineering application ability. The combination of online teaching platform and traditional face-to-face teaching class increases the interaction between teachers and students, breaks the traditional single classroom mode, and makes the two complementary advantages, which is worthy of widespread promotion.


Blended teaching mode; Superstar learning; Fundamentals of circuit analysis