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Analysis of Art Design Teaching Based on Virtual Reality Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.016


Yang Luo

Corresponding Author

Yang Luo


With the stable development of modern science and technology, virtual reality technology has gradually appeared in the public. Virtual reality technology in its practical application process mainly simulates a certain environment with three-dimensional space, thus brining an immersive feeling to people wearing VR glasses and related facilities and effectively displaying China's science and technology. Currently, VR technology which has been extensively applied to the development of various industries and applied to art design teaching process has also offered diverse teaching environment for art environment teaching, and comprehensively enhanced teaching efficiency. In view of this, this paper analyzes the role of virtual reality technology in technology design teaching process, and elaborates the technology from its application level. Then, the author proposes corresponding recommendations and suggestions according to own experience.


Art design; Virtual reality technology; Science and technology; Three-dimensional space