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Research on Emotional Orientation of Online Curriculum Review Text Based on Svm

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.014


Beilei Li

Corresponding Author

Beilei Li


Emotion tendentiousness of users based on the review analysis refers to the use of machine learning or the method of semantic analysis, text information to user review the subjectivity as the research object, takes the comment text pre-processing, classification, clustering, feature extraction and sentiment analysis, in order to achieve the purpose of effectively excavate the potential value of information. Although some achievements have been made in the current research on the emotional tendency of review texts, most of them remain in the overall evaluation and criticism analysis of review texts, lacking the research on the emotional tendency of evaluation objects, and users need more fine-grained emotional analysis on evaluation objects, so the research has certain practical significance. In this paper, with the aid of predecessors on the basis of natural language processing and other related research, in view of the online network review the text puts forward a kind of emotional tendency analysis model for evaluation objects, this article will use the SVM based on the text to the text vector obtained using quantitative tools on the word graph model and combining the syntax of evaluation objects and interdependence between and evaluation feature extraction respectively, and the characteristics of evaluation after KU method to improve the emotional value of calculation, improve the evaluation characteristics of emotional measurement precision.


Svm; Online courses; Reviews; Texts; Emotional orientation; Precision