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Research on Exploring High-Quality Network Education Resource Based on Agent Structure Model

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.013


Ran Yin

Corresponding Author

Ran Yin


Network quality education resources is a huge distributed digital information space, since its birth, with its rich content to attract a large number of users, and the number of pages is still growing at an alarming rate. At the same time, it is also an open global distributed network. Resources are distributed in different parts of the world, and there is no unified management and structure of online resources, which leads to difficulties in information search. How to quickly and accurately find the needed information from the vast information resources has become a big problem to Internet users, although search engines partially solved the problem, but traditional network quality education resources search engine does not take into account the user's interests and hobbies, to search a large amount of information. And the theme of the search and form a single largely confined to the integrated retrieval, and because the retrieval accuracy is not high, the effect is far from being satisfactory. Information mining of network quality education resources is an effective use of existing resources. Its main goal is to mine the information needed by users from the semi-structured network quality education resources scattered on the Internet to form structured data. The structured result data can be used for subsequent information processing such as database mining and text generation.


Agent structure; Educational resources; Network; Mining; Prediction