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Application Analysis of Flip Classroom in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.011


Jingya Ning

Corresponding Author

Jingya Ning


With the continuous reform of education in China, the new curriculum reform policy has been fully implemented. As a new and efficient teaching mode, flipped classroom has been widely used in the field of teaching in China. Flipped classroom is different from the traditional teaching mode in our country because it has more advantages and characteristics. First of all, flipped classroom is to use the Internet for teaching, which can effectively stimulate the students' interest and enthusiasm in learning, and the main position of students will be fully reflected, meanwhile, it can also promote students to carry out autonomous learning, which can effectively improve their learning ability and communication ability to a large extent. Secondly, teachers can also use flipped classroom to interact with students, which is also conducive to students' learning in a relaxed and pleasant classroom environment. What's more, it focuses on the students' performance and speech during the teaching period. Through flipped classroom, students' thinking ability and understanding ability will also be effectively cultivated.


Flipped classroom; College english teaching; Application