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Design and Implementation of Micro-Lecture System Based on the Applications of Information

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.010


Zhang Chenxiang

Corresponding Author

Zhang Chenxiang


The application of information technology in the field of education has changed the traditional education mode. Micro-lecture, as a new teaching method, has aroused wide attention. It is a new network course resource which aims at a certain knowledge point. Introducing it into the classroom helps to improve the teaching efficiency and optimize the classroom structure. This article introduces the application of information technology in the design of micro-lecture and its advantages at first. Teachers can use DV, screen capture software or images, animation or video production software to design the micro-lecture materials. Then the problems exist in the traditional marketing courses are analyzed. Finally, the example of marketing micro-lecture design combined with information technology is given. It includes the topic selection and design before class, combination of teaching methods with micro-lecture in class and homework design of students in combination with classroom knowledge and micro-lecture materials after class.


Information technology; Micro-lecture; Marketing courses