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Research of Local Colleges Innovation Entrepreneurship Education System Structure and Implementation Path in the Internet Plus Era

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.008


Xiaocheng Gao, Yannan Mu

Corresponding Author

Xiaocheng Gao


In 2015 the state council general office issued “The implementation opinion on deepening the reform of the higher learning innovation entrepreneurship education”, which points out that deepening the reform of institutions of higher learning innovation entrepreneurship education is a national innovation driven development strategy and it is an urgent need to upgrade the quality and efficiency of the economy. It is also an important measure to promote the comprehensive reform of higher education and promote higher quality entrepreneurship and employment of college graduates. “Internet plus” is a new form of economic and social development and an inevitable result of knowledge society innovation. Its influence permeates all areas of economy and society. In the context of the national strategy of mass entrepreneurship and innovation and the era of “Internet plus”, how to further promote the education of college students' innovation and entrepreneurship has become a practical problem that urgently needs to be solved in Chinese colleges and universities. As well as, it is also an important development opportunity for the healthy development of local colleges and universities.


Innovation entrepreneurship education; Internet plus