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Research on Training System for Intelligent Logistics Personnel Based on CDIO

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.004


Qin Wang

Corresponding Author

Qin Wang


Modern logistics is rapidly transforming into the intelligent logistics. The traditional logistics management teaching mode has not adapted to the development of the logistics industry. Logistics enterprises have now entered the stage of standardization and information development, and the demand situation of talents has shifted from skill-intensive to shortage of intelligent logistics professionals. Taking the Tianhua College of Shanghai Normal University as an example, this paper puts forward the CDIO capacity training mode with “intelligent logistics” as the carrier. This model covers the improvement and evaluation of the training objectives, competency outline, curriculum system, teaching methods and practice environment. After that, the specific contents of the conception, design, implementation and operation are discussed in detail. Finally, the CDIO-based intelligent logistics talent training system is proposed.


Intelligent logistics; CDIO theory; Training system