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Research and Analysis of Mixed Course Teaching Mode Based on Mooc

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.002


Shuhai Zhou, Hong Ma

Corresponding Author

Shuhai Zhou


Since the quiet rise of MOOC in previous years, China has also introduced MOOC, and many famous schools have joined the MOOC platform, which has set off a wave of MOOC in China. Especially in the context of educational reform, MOOC has become a new form of education combining the Internet and education, creating a larger platform for the sharing of quality education resources around the world. The advancement of MOOC has had a significant impact on our traditional teaching methods. Some scholars even think that MOOC is likely to completely replace the traditional teaching mode in the future. MOOC does have many advantages over traditional teaching models, but it cannot completely replace the status of traditional teaching models. On the contrary, combining the direct advantages of the two is a better choice of teaching mode. This article is based on MOOC’s mixed classroom teaching model for research and analysis.


Teaching mode; Mixed teaching