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Training Mode of Interdisciplinary Talents in Finance Based on Fr-Cdio Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/icatpe.2019.001


Linlian Leng, Xue Han

Corresponding Author

Xue Han


In the context of the belt and road initiative, the continuous deepening of financial cooperation between China, Mongolia and Russia, and the increasing international financial level in China, the development of China’s financial industry is faced with severe challenges such as supply side reform, emerging new trends, and urgent expansion of business skills. In order to ensure the rapid development of China’s financial industry and the stable operation of financial order, it is urgent to cultivate high-quality interdisciplinary talents in finance. Therefore, at present, the reform of application-oriented undergraduate colleges and universities should meet the needs of the development of the times. Under the FR-CDIO concept in the new era, the training mode for interdisciplinary talents in finances should be explored, such as optimizing curriculum, stimulating students’ learning potential, actively carrying out school enterprise cooperation, strengthening the comprehensive strength of teachers, comprehensively improving the financial compound talents training ability, so as to meet the needs of the rapid development of our society for financial talents.


Interdisciplinary talents in finance; Fr-cdio; Personnel training mode