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Under the Fair View of the Construction of Rural Basic Education of English System

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.334


Xiaoying Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoying Liu


Educational fairness has always been a topic of great concern to the public, and the unequal education in rural and urban areas has been troubling the national governance. The education fair generally focused on education resources and teaching facilities, admission, and other fields, the microscopic equality still lack a certain degree of in-depth, as in the education fair is dominated by the policy, not equal to English teaching English teaching system construction problems such as weak has not been deeply concerned that emerge in endlessly and seriously address. Curriculum equity is the core and focus of educational equity and the key reform point to solve the imbalance between urban and rural areas in China's basic education. Among various courses, English basic education courses play an important role, which reflects the development direction and reform results of rural education, and reflects the diversified development direction of educational equity in a subtle way. A good English foundation course for rural students is not only conducive to the development of comprehensive quality of rural students, but also conducive to the advancement of teaching and learning, which is an important reflection of the fairness of urban and rural education. Based on the internal elements of the curriculum teaching system, this paper points out that there are three important stages of basic English education: curriculum planning, curriculum implementation and curriculum evaluation. It is proposed that differences should be respected in the construction of the curriculum system, the gap should be narrowed in the implementation of the curriculum, and the innovation mechanism should be embodied in the curriculum planning, so as to promote the construction of the scientific rural English basic education system.


Fair Perspective; English Courses; Rural Education; Education Fair