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The Application and Embodiment of Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Decorative Art of Traditional Dwellings in Jiangxi Province

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.325


Mo Liu

Corresponding Author

Mo Liu


The national culture of China has a long history, and it has relevant ethnic cultural customs in terms of food and residential areas in various regions. Then there are traditional dwellings represented by Jiangxi Province, and the decorative arts of these traditional dwellings are rich in content, exquisite in craftsmanship and profound in cultural heritage. They are attached to the geographical environment and humanistic meanings that are not used in Jiangxi Province. The unique charm shows the unique temperament of traditional dwellings. This paper will understand the cultural characteristics and charm of traditional dwellings in Jiangxi Province by understanding the application and manifestation of intangible cultural heritage in the decorative art of traditional dwellings in Jiangxi Province, as well as understanding some of the main features of traditional dwelling decoration.


Traditional dwellings in Jiangxi Province; Decorative arts; Cultural heritage