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Art Promotion System in Rural Primary Schools Based on Network and Multimedia Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.322


XueTong Feng and Yun Cao

Corresponding Author

XueTong Feng


The Internet of art education is no longer a new topic of education, which is a proposition worthy of the attention of both art and education circles. In the Internet era, “Internet plus Art Education” has realized the global sharing of art education resources. Based on the network and multimedia technology, the school education of art education will move towards “unboundedness”. The application of Internet and multimedia technology in art education will be more conducive to educational equity. There is a relative lack of art education resources and human resources in rural primary schools. Internet plus Art Education integrates excellent educational resources, spread to the countryside and other areas where educational resources are relatively scarce in the form of the Internet, so as to meet the learning needs of rural primary school students. This paper introduces the art promotion system of rural primary school with “rural primary school art window”. The integration of educational resources has been realized in the Internet era. under the mode of “Internet plus Art education”, resources and platform are the two key elements. The rural primary school art promotion system based on network and multimedia technology takes “rural primary school art window” as the core, integrates excellent educational resources and spreads to rural and other remote areas. At the same time, it can provide an online learning and communication platform for art lovers all over the country and even all over the world.


Network and Multimedia; Rural Primary School; Art; Promotion System