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Correlation between Men's Individual Rope Skipping Speed Results and Trick Results

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.317


Hua Wu

Corresponding Author

Hua Wu


Rope skipping originated in China. As a folk traditional sport, figure skipping is an emerging sport that integrates the promotion of tradition, leisure and entertainment, and advanced innovation. In addition to basic racing items, there are also various tricks in figure skipping. This kind of action combines sports elements such as gymnastics, martial arts, and dance, and has strong ornamental and competitive qualities. This article uses the literature method, comparative analysis method, and statistical method to apply to individual men in the national rope skipping league in recent years. A correlation study comparing the top three skipping speeds with trick performance. The results show that the three items of 30-second single shake, 30-second interval cross single shake, and 3-minute single shake have significant correlations, and There is no significant correlation between the minute single shake and the correlation coefficient of the personal pattern (advanced).


Rope skipping; Men's personal speed performance; Trick performance; Relevance