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Research on "Local Emotional Education" in Chinese Teaching in Middle Schools

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.316


Yuntao Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yuntao Zhao


In recent years, examination-oriented education has been the main mode of education in our country. Although this mode of education has trained many excellent talents in examination, it has also strangled the nature of many children, and has had a great impact on the formation and establishment of students' correct three views. Especially in Chinese teaching in middle schools, as far as the current situation of Chinese teaching in middle schools is concerned, the overemphasis on knowledge and examination results and the over-emphasis on emotion and students' state have led to the emergence of serious learning-weariness among most students. This paper studies the "local emotional education" in Chinese teaching in middle schools to cultivate healthy and all-round development of students in the new era. By analyzing the history of Chinese education, we can find that Chinese education has been an educational model with intellectual and cognitive education as its main educational goal since ancient times. The biggest advantage of this kind of education model is that it can cultivate a group of talents in the examination, and the basic knowledge is extremely solid. However, the teaching method still needs to be continuously improved and improved for the cultivation of innovative and comprehensive talents. This paper studies the "local emotion" education in middle school Chinese teaching, and puts forward relevant teaching suggestions. It hopes to promote the "local emotion" education to be better integrated into middle school Chinese teaching.


Chinese teaching in middle schools; Local feelings; Educational research