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Development of the Supply-side Sports Service in the New Era

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.315


Huarui Li

Corresponding Author

Huarui Li


After entering the new era, supply-side structural reform is an important innovation to adapt to and lead the new normal of economic development, and it is the focus of China's economic transformation and upgrading. From the point of view of meeting the growing demand for a better life of the people, the improvement of consumption level and the lag of the upgrading of consumer goods supply structure have become a serious obstacle to the expansion of the consumer market, and the development of service industry is obviously out of step with the growth of demand. This paper discusses the problems in the development mode of sports service industry by using the method of literature, logical analysis and interview. People's consciousness of national fitness has deepened the contradiction between sports demand and sports supply more and more strongly. The path of service development is put forward.


Supply-Side Structure Service Industry Sports Service