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Perspective on the Deficiency of Rural Teachers' Trainings from the Application programs-- Taking 141 Programs of Rural teachers' Trainings in Province J as the Analysis Objects

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.314


Qianqian Wei and Ganhong Liu

Corresponding Author

Qianqian Wei


Post-service training of rural teachers is an important link to strengthen the construction of rural teachers, and a significant means to balance urban and rural education resources. However, there are some problems in the trainings of rural teachers, such as quasi - urbanization tendency and weak pertinence. ROST was used to analyze the data of 141 training application in J province, and the main problems were found in the following aspects: the lack of discourse power of rural teachers in the training team and the dominance of urban teachers; The weakness of local culture leads to the lack of local culture in the training curriculum content and resources and weakens the centripetal force of rural teachers for the local spirit. Training and practice bases rarely exist in rural schools; Most of the training demand surveys are too simple, and teachers are not given hierarchical training. No teachers choose courses independently, ignoring their shortcomings. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the inner cultural confidence of rural teachers, and strengthen the research on training needs and hierarchical training.


Rural Teachers' Trainings; Training Programmes; Quasi-Urbanization; Weak Pertinence