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On Application of Corpus in College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.311


Jing Hou

Corresponding Author

Jing Hou


The purpose of college English education is to enable students to use English to communicate. English is a communication tool. In order to achieve this goal, college English has been reformed, aiming to expand students' vocabulary and improve students' listening and speaking ability. To keep up with English teaching reform, teachers should update their teaching methods. At present, many colleges and universities have begun to use corpus in English teaching. This paper mainly introduces the corpus and its creation, expounds the advantages of combining corpus and English teaching, and analyzes the practical application of corpus in college English teaching, hoping to have some reference significance for college English teaching. Following the corresponding linguistic principles, successively occurring segments of speech or language use texts are collected, and the electronic library that is subsequently constructed is called a corpus. Nowadays, it has entered the information age. The corpus will be combined with computer technology in the process of establishment. This makes the corpus more accurate retrieval, real corpus and larger capacity. It is precisely because the corpus has many advantages, so the current college English the corpus has been widely used in language education, and the corpus has begun to play an increasingly important role as a language-assisted teaching tool.


Corpus; college English teaching; learning materials