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Mode of Pharmaceutical Technicians Participating in Home-Based Care for the Aged

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.310


Bin Zhu and Yonggang Zhang

Corresponding Author

Bin Zhu


After entering the new era of the current pension industry, the demand of 249 million elderly and 40 million semi disabled elderly is growing vigorously, while the current nursing staff for the elderly have problems such as poor quality, insufficient quantity, poor service quality, poor technology and so on. As a pharmaceutical professional and technical personnel, their basic knowledge and medicine are highly complementary. Facing the difficulties of the national pension cause, they can also use their own professional basic knowledge to devote themselves to the great cause. The home-based pension service mode of medical and nursing integration or independent participation in home-based pension service is worth actively exploring and studying, which will add a strength to the rapid development of pension cause.


Pharmaceutical Professional and Technical Personnel; Home-Based Elderly Care; Model