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The Influence of Cross-cultural Sensitivity on the Cultural Adaptation Strategies of Minority Students in Mainland Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.309


Xiaohui Yi, Jin Liu and Xiaoli Su

Corresponding Author

Xiaohui Yi


With the development of communication theory research and its application in Chinese teaching of ethnic minorities in mainland China, The importance of culture is getting more extensive in Chinese education.In the teaching of Chinese universities in ethnic minority areas, Due to the different cultural backgrounds of students and Chinese language, students used to think that Chinese is an empty and abstract language, which is far from their own life. Therefore,it makes learning more difficult and teaching hard to achieve the expected goal.Cross-cultural sensitivity has two main characteristics. The first is inclusive personality,including thinking from multiple perspectives, advancing with the times and broad concepts, tolerance for vagueness. Second is social relations, which refers to the ability to accept and change roles.The purpose of this paper is to explore the influence mechanism of cross-cultural sensitivity on the cultural adaptation strategies of minority students in the mainland, and adopts cross-cultural sensitivity scale, ethnic identity scale and cultural adaptation strategy scale.


Cross-cultural communication; Cross-cultural sensitivity; Minority nationalities in the mainland; Cultural adaptation strategies