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Research on College English Teaching Practice Guided by Linguistic Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.307


Linlin Tong

Corresponding Author

Linlin Tong


Improving the quality of English teaching is not only the desire of educators, but also the need of social development. Social development needs high-quality English talents, which puts forward new requirements for college English teaching. Universities are institutions of higher learning that cultivate students'communicative competence, social adaptability and practical competence. College English teaching pays attention to the application and communication of language. In College English teaching, we should take linguistic theory as a guide and use new methods to improve college students'English language foundation and learning ability. This paper mainly discusses the practice of College English teaching under the guidance of linguistic theory. Under the teaching concept of combining theory with practice, the application of linguistic theory can make college English teaching more efficient. English teaching in junior and senior high schools is mainly faced with exam-oriented education. To a certain extent, the requirements for actual communication are not very high. However, in College English teaching, students'practical communicative competence is required. The College English Teaching Syllabus clearly stipulates that the purpose of College English teaching is to enable students to have strong listening, speaking, reading, writing and translation abilities. College English pays more attention to cultivating students'abilities in all aspects. In the fast developing 21st century, whether it is interpersonal communication, work or study, it is not confined to one place. English is one of the universal languages in the world. It has a far-reaching impact on students'future work, communication and learning. So it is very important to learn English well in university.


Linguistics; College English; English Teaching; Teaching Practice