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Influencing Factors and Strategies of Uyghur-Han Intercultural Communication at Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.299


Jin Liu, Xiaohui Yi and Xiaoli Su

Corresponding Author

Jin Liu


Intercultural communication refers to communication between two parties with different cultural backgrounds and using different languages. It is implemented through translation. Translation as a language exchange is not only a process of language conversion, but also a process of cultural transplantation. Sociologists tell us that all cultures are unique and different. Uyghur and Han have two different cultural models. In terms of the behavior and cognition of intercultural communication, this paper participates in observation and case interviews through the interaction of festivals and group activities, the mutual help of learning, the state of friendship, and the interaction of “Human and Han nationality” in the dormitory. These four main aspects describe the specific content of cross-cultural communication between high school students. They pointed out that their cross-cultural communication has the characteristics of low frequency of communication, shallow degree of communication and unbalanced communication foundation.


Colleges and Universities; Uyghur; Han Nationality; Intercultural Communication